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  1. petra4

    We've come out of our 4th lockdown . . . anyone else?

    Melbourne, a State of Australia has had more lockdowns compared to any other states. Wondering if any other States &/or other Countries are experiencing the same . . . ?
  2. J

    Total USA and State Deaths During COVID-19 Pandemic vs Previous Years

    The plots below show the weekly total deaths from any cause for the first 27 weeks of 2016 to 2020 for the USA and select states. It is meant to be a comparison of the number of total deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic vs previous years. I couldn't find this data in graph form anywhere, so I...
  3. S

    Question Gradual exposure therapy for Coronavirus

    Has the medical community considered a gradual exposure therapy approach to Coronavirus instead of vaccination? I'm not a medical person, so certainly no one should try the idea, but it seems like it might work. I'm thinking that since they say a low viral load will not infect you, perhaps the...
  4. Roboapple

    Question Question on Safely handling groceries

    I see that multiple sources are saying that as long as you keep your hands washed, you dont need to wipe down packages and items you get from grocery stores. How true is this? And does this account for someone potentially coughing on the package? Thanks
  5. pittsburghjoe

    Would a Virus disassemble if we could force it to be matter waves with destructive interference of the wave that is causing it to be physical?

    We would need to know its resonant frequency so we don’t harm healthy cells. The wave causing physicality is around 0.3 micrometers in wavelength. It is on the EM spectrum, but I don’t know if we can cause destructive interference without the aid of a black hole. That is where the decoherence...
  6. C

    Question Let's say an infected person coughs or sneezes in an elevator, and a non-infected person walks into that elevator 5 or 10 minutes later...

    ...can the non-infected person inhale the virus? How long would COVID-19 particles stay in the air of an elevator to infect someone?
  7. G

    Do you think this out of the box solution can stop the pandemic in 14 days?

    I am a long time lurker on the forums, this is my first post, so be kind! I came across this very interesting idea to deal with the pandemic, though I am not sure if this can be implemented practically. So basically the guy is saying that if we do a coordinated 14 days global lockdown( all...
  8. J

    Should she go back to work?

    So my mother in Law has been asked to come into work (She works at a Nursery) which she was happy to do, but has now been told that 5 children who have returned from France over the weekend are being allowed to come back in to the Nursery straight away. She currently lives with a 77 year old...
  9. Zobair

    Analytics and visualization on coronavirus

    Hello, I put together some analytics using hourly updated data on coronavirus. Here are my data Analysis that highlights death and recovery rate by county timeline...
  10. Debunking Coronavirus Misinformation MegaThread

    Hey all, Due to an abundance of posts touting natural remedies, DIY cures, and generally dangerous misinformation about the coronavirus, the Community Team thought it would be a good idea to collect all of these into a single spot. This thread is intended to debunk COVID-19 myths, hoaxes...
  11. N

    Friend MIGHT be infected - what do I need to do?

    I have a friend who I had contact with about 48 hours ago, who has a sore throat and a cough, and who has now told me that she has a fever of 100.1 degrees. -She claims that the cough is merely a result of her asthma and the fact that she smokes, as opposed to an infection (coronavirus, a cold...
  12. Yootiful

    Poll:Is your local government and medical system ready to handle Covid-19?

    We have learned how very difficult it is to contain Covid-19. Factors including ease of travel, ease of transmission and carriers sometimes being asymptomatic and unaware that they are infected... these will all lead to more cases before this is over. If we agree that the virus cannot be easily...
  13. SHaines

    Coronavirus questions for our Facebook livestream? Ask them here!

    Got questions about the Coronavirus? Join us LIVE on Facebook, Thursday, March 5th at 12p EST (9a PST). Health editor, Nicoletta Lanese of Live Science, will be briefing you on the latest Coronavirus news as well as taking all your questions. Got a question you'd like to ask? Post them here on...
  14. NicolettaLanese

    Facebook Live Event - Coronavirus Q&A Hosted By Live Science Staff

    This Thursday (Feb. 6) at 12pm EST (9am PST), Live Science will host a Facebook Live event to address all your questions about the novel coronavirus. Please reply to this thread with questions, and we'll aim to answer as many as possible. Follow the Live Science Facebook page here...