Purpose of Continuing Education for Nurses
The primary purpose of continuing nursing education is to keep nursing professionals compliant with licensure requirements. Every state has different requirements for license renewal, but most require some amount of CE credits or CEU’s. You also might find that some health care organizations require staff to record continuing education credits every fiscal year and some nurse use the CE Courses to update their knowledge.
If you don’t meet continuing education requirements, you might lose bonuses, your job, or even your license. If you do lose your license from lack of renewal, you’ll likely need to resubmit documentation and present your case to your state nursing board. In some cases, you might even need to retake the licensing examination.
In addition to the practical benefit of maintaining a nursing license and career, continuing education also offers nurses several other advantages:
It helps you stay up-to-date on evidence-based practice and health care developments and opportunities. This not only allows you to provide the safest and highest quality patient care possible, but it also reduces potential treatment errors and subsequent legal risks.
It can improve your chance for a promotion or an advanced position. You may seek advanced certification or coursework, whether it’s in a specialty nursing track or a specific skill set (like education or management), to further your career opportunities. Hiring teams often favor candidates with these qualifications and may even require them.
It contributes to your professional and personal satisfaction and instils confidence and passion for your work and personal improvement. You can explore new areas of interest, delve deep into your preferred specialty, or find solutions to any professional questions or issues they have come across.
Continuing education is not just a licensure or job requirement. It’s an opportunity for you to become the best professional you can be and give the best possible care to patients and their families.
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